So of course it’s a Klapollo fic. Also the prompt sort of spiraled into “Klavier has no clue how to do laundry,” so if you want a follow-up to that…




"Isn’t that song usually associated with a woman, Herr Justice?"

Apollo spun around to see Klavier Gavin standing in the doorway to his office with his usual smug grin. But somehow he also looked…uncomfortable? What was that all about.

A quick one-over made everything clear. Klavier’s usual button-down and leather pants looked even tighter than normal and no, that wasn’t just Apollo’s mind playing tricks on him. The pants were too short, even.

"I could say the same thing about that outfit, Gavin."

The prosecutor walked in and stood in front of the couch. “Ach, you got me.” He fell back on the cushions stiffly. “The laundromat I usually use is closed this week, and I’m…not exactly used to doing my own laundry.” He had the decency to look halfway embarrassed.

"So wear something else."

Klavier winced. 

"Don’t tell me…"

Klavier threw a pillow over his face and tried to turn his back to Apollo, but his too-tight clothing had other plans. His pants actually squeaked, and Apollo had to shake his head when three buttons fell off his shirt and onto the couch.

Klavier’s noise of frustration made him laugh out loud.

"Please, Herr Justice, don’t laugh," the other man groaned. "I’m not having a good day. I ruined my coffeemaker, shrunk my clothes, got syrup on my brand-new guitar case, and stepped in a puddle on the way here."

Apollo decided not to ask if his feet were still wet, or why he was mixing syrup and guitars. “I’m sorry.” He sat on the edge of the couch next to the blond.

With his head still under the pillow, Klavier reached out one finger and touched Apollo’s bracelet. “I didn’t know you sang, Justice,” he said absentmindedly as he ran the pad of his finger over the engravings.

Apollo blushed, glad Klavier couldn’t see him. “Only when I’m…you know…by myself.”

Klavier pulled the pillow away from his face. “Don’t look so embarrassed. People do much worse things when they’re alone, ja?”

His smirk made Apollo blush even more. Klavier laughed, his shirt falling almost totally open, held in place now by one button. 

"Would you sing something for me, Herr Forehead?" he asked once he had calmed down.

Apollo sighed. “I don’t know…”

"Pleeeeeasseee?" Klavier asked, moving his hand so he was holding Apollo’s wrist. Apollo knew that he could just get up and go back to work (he was supposed to be working, after all), but the second Klavier grabbed him he knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He sighed and started in on the first song he could think of.

"Breakin’ rocks in the hot sun…"

"I FOUGHT THE LAW AND THE LAW WON!" He was surprised to hear Klavier joining in. He was surprised that the other man even knew the old song.

The sang the entire song through, twice, and at by the end Apollo was out of breath from shouting. He panted and returned Klavier’s easy grin.

"You’re very sexy like this, Herr Justice."


His answer was a hand grabbing his collar and pulling him flat on his face—or rather, Klavier’s. His lips were soft, and all Apollo could think about was how they tasted like a mixture of syrup and vanilla and how really that wasn’t that bad.

At least, it was all he thought about until Klavier shifted to get a better angle, and the sound of tearing leather echoed in the bare office.

Apollo froze, sitting halfway up.

Klavier laughed and pulled the younger man back down. “It’s all right,” he whispered against his mouth. “It’s not a problem.”

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